How do I know when to replace my floors?

When it’s cracking, bubbling, wood discoloration, water damage, nails peeking through, scratches, marks, or creaking.

How long does it take to replace flooring?

Your average job would take 1-3 days.

How much does it cost to replace my flooring?

Would depend on the type of flooring but be prepared to spend around $500+ per room.

What flooring materials are the most budget-friendly?

Vinyl and laminate.

What flooring materials are the most durable?

Hardwood, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, and stone.

How much do you charge for installation?

Prices vary depending on the type of flooring and project structure.

What does your prep work for installation include?

Removing current flooring and making sure the floor is level.

Can I install new flooring myself?

Yes, you could but it requires a special skill set it’s best to hire a professional.

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Certain Laminate is only water-resistant, but vinyl flooring has waterproof options.

What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

Durable and can be refinished so you won’t have to do another install.

What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl is durable, waterproof flooring that has the look of hardwood or stone without the expensive price tag.

How should I properly clean my floors?
  • Sweep, dust, or dry mop daily.
  • Vacuum weekly.
  • Clean heavy-traffic areas with a damp mop twice a month.
  • Clean with recommended floor cleaner once a month.
What are the most common ways to damage floors?

It depends on the flooring type but some of the basics are the following:

  • Using The Wrong Area Rugs.
  • Vacuuming With The Brush On.
  • High Heels & Pet Nails.
  • Using The Wrong Cleaning Tools.
  • Sliding Furniture Around.
  • Sliding heavy furniture
  • Too Much Sunlight.

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Adam Solaiman
Adam Solaiman
They did a wonderful job completing this work at my parents’ home.Their names were Eddy and Kelwis.
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Todd Williams
They were very professional and knowledgeable
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Janet Sager
Excellent speedy work very friendly and efficient installers would recommend this company to anybody and everybody
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robert buell
Clean, professional and did great work!!!
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Adnan Mohamud
Amazing service! The staff work very professional and very time efficient. Definitely will be calling them for future projects
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Justin Potter
Did a good job no problems
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Aparna Vemuri
They were very reasonable in their quote. Their work was excellent. They completed on time and with quality. Excellent in communication. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks, Mr. M Harrison and Eddy.
Susan Riley
Susan Riley
They were great to work with! Very professional, our installer Eddie did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend them!! Thank you!
via roma
via roma
Super cool, had the job done a full day before the est day. Will use this company again for sure, make sure ask for Mr. Harrison he's the one who helped me
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Mrs. Boss
Very professional,innovative and affordable.I love my floor designs!I would use this Company again, and I would highly recommend them.


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